Get your free social media marketing scheduler and help with captions in 2020!

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Get your free social media marketing scheduler and help with captions in 2020!

Get suggested captions for your social media marketing content easily, now in three simple steps.

In today's world you can become an expert on writing caption for your social media (you can read our guide here) or you can use the new way of social media marketing in 2020, Elephant social.

We took all our knowledge on social media and turned it into an app. 

What do the Emotos actually do?

They convert how you feel about a post and turn it into caption suggestions with growth hashtags! It's really that simple now to be active on social media for your business in 3 simple steps:

How to use Emotos:

Once you have taken or uploaded your picture, you need to select some options (we call Emotos), choose the ones on how you want the post to feel. 

You can always change them and get different captions if you want to try out a few options before posting.

After this, you are then shown optimised captions made specifically for your business, which you can edit and then just choose the time to post and done!  Your social media for business is really now in 3 simple steps.

How is it specific to my business you ask?

When you onboarded you connected your Social Media accounts and told us about what you do, we take this knowledge and mix it with our strategy and voila.

The captions can easily be edited if you want to and also we do NOT use google translate for our Arabic.

If you have any questions on this please do use our live chat and one of our team will answer your questions.

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