How to take the best pictures for social media using your mobile phone

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How to take the best pictures for social media using your mobile phone

Social media accounts need images but how are you getting yours? Read our tips on taking social media photos using your smart phone in 2020.

To begin with, think about how you browse social media, what images make you stop and pause and think about the brand?

Now think about your brand tone and be impartial; being your own friend about your images, may not get you the best result,s so don’t be afraid to reject your own photos until it gives you that pause feeling. 

Next, this needs to be scalable, as you need to post 1 image a day across all the social media platforms you exist on.

What are my options then?

You can hire a company or a freelancer




You can do it yourself and save some money and learn a useful new skill

So here are our top tips on how to take the best photos for social media easily and just using your smartphone.

  1. Clarity - don’t post blurry photos

  1. Shift perspectives 

  • we are all used to seeing life at eye level, but when you change the viewpoint you get the pause moment, for example, close-ups and slow motions stand out because it’s changing how you normally see a thing.
  1. Where does your eye naturally go in the photo

  • After you take the photo, look at it objectively and see where your eye goes first. This is now the story of the photo your audience will see, is that what you want from the picture, if not re-take.
  1. What’s in the background?

  • Having a messy or strange background will distract from the image and talk about your brand whether you want it or not. So take your time to look at the image as a whole.
  1. Lighting, good lighting will give a good photo, it's that simple. Don’t take photos in the dark dude.

  1. Pixelated images are bad. Don't zoom into the photo and then crop, take the actual picture you want and crop.

  2. Don't use stock images you have no legal right to publish or any image you do not have the legal right to publish.

Finally, people always ask:

Does the phone I have an impact on how good the photo will be?

  • Yes, but even older models will still give amazing images if you take the right shot. Watch this video for some tips!

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