How to write captions for social media 2020

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How to write captions for social media 2020

Writing captions for social media is way harder than it sounds, so don’t be so tough on yourself if you don’t find it naturally easy.

It sounds like it should be simple; you know what you do now you just need to find the right words to get your message out there.

Sadly, it’s just not that easy for most.

You need to keep a few things in mind when writing optimised captions.  Such as:

  1. Write on-brand tone
  2. Make it clear it relates to your brand (Branded)
  3. Offer a path to call the user to action (Call to Action - CTA)
  4. Short and to the point
  5. Offer a feeling, people connect to relatable emotions, so you need to connect to the reason someone should interact with you.

But if you don’t fancy becoming an expert copywriter (and in multiple languages, you can just use our Emoto’s feature and get caption suggestions for each post specific to your brand and optimised in seconds.

Write on your brand tone/brand voice

Your tone of voice describes how your brand is perceived by your audience and how it communicates with them. Your tone of voice influences how your messaging is perceived. It shows your company's personality and values.

Quick question what tone is your brand? 

Are you serious like a corporate, are you fun and use super playful language or are you in between? We describe these as: 

  • Corporate
  • Business casual
  • Young

And you need to be consistent with this or people will lose trust because you constantly change who you are. You can get fancy branding done for this, but you don’t have to, its a simple self-assessment exercise.

Branded captions

Leave your brand subtly in your content, so its always clear when people are reading your captions in the voice in their head who is talking to them. For example 

Explore your happiness today and let our team be your support


Now my message is linked to my brand in your head as you read the caption and when someone looks your brand # up they will get lots of your content so can easily identify what you do!! Double win!!

Make clear Calls to Action

This does not always mean selling, but it could be something as simple as adding a message to the caption like ….have a great day. 

Rotate your CTA's to offer value to the audience and therefore keep them engaged with your content. People want to feel value from your posts, so give them a clear path to what that means; some posts can be selling, others sharing.

Keep it short

The rule of thumb here, how much do you read before you move on? That’s a good guide on how much to write. If the content is super interesting and relevant people will read more, but on the whole, our attention spans have seriously reduced. 

Key message 

    Less is more.

Three words summarised a whole paragraph, see what I did there:)

Finally, relatable content works

Connect to the reasons why your products/services are in demand. If you sell drinks for example and it’s a hot day talk about that.  

Last but not least, if you don't want a writing exam every time you need to write captions just use our Emotos tool and get all that baked into your content with our suggestions!  Use the Emotos tool and select a few buttons on how you want the post to feel and the app suggests captions perfect for your post you can read more about it here.

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