Reach people for free, using social media marketing growth hacking like optimised hashtags

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Reach people for free, using social media marketing growth hacking like optimised hashtags

The two most important things you need to do with hashtags in social media marketing in 2020 and why.

1. You need to build your brand name online

Use your brand name as a # so your brand becomes instantly explorable once it is discovered by people who find you but are not following you.

Think about it, someone finds a post, if you have used your brand name on all posts this means without any more navigation they can scroll and see what you are about. It's one less step you need the user to make to becoming a lead. Also, it also drives your brand Identity home in the eyes of the audience, which in turn helps build your brand.

The best part, this is FREE and our APP does it automatically so you don't even need to put in any effort.

2. Why use hashtags anyway?

Simply its free reach to a potential lead.

It breaks my heart when brands publish posts without any #, because why! you have spent all the effort to make the post, just a few more words and it will actually reach the right people!

If you use the right hashtags in 2020, you will reach a wider audience of people who are not following you!

How do I use hashtags for growth hacking on my social media marketing you ask?

1. Learn how to do it orrrr

2. Use our app and the Emotos tool and we provide sets of # for your posts that will help you reach new audiences without spending any money.

After you post, check back on the analytics of the posts to see how many people you reached just because you used good hashtags.

Social Media Marketing has evolved over time with Instagram making lots of changes to how the app works. Based on this there is a bit of a formula you need to follow and you will see in the combinations of hashtags we have researched and suggest to you.

Essentially you don't want to just use hashtags that have the biggest following, you need a combination for this growth hacking technique. You don't have to do it, but you won't get as a big a reach to people who are not following you otherwise.

So, in summary, you can take the time to research the combinations needed or you can just use Elephant Social as your growth hacking for social media marketing in 2020. Reach people for free, using our optimised hashtags for your social media marketing growth hacking.

Let us know if you need more tips like this using our live chat!

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